The Books

The Maradonia Saga begins with two teenaged siblings, Maya and Joey, who find a mysterious place in a forbidden area, which opens a portal into the Land of Maradonia. Their arrival in Maradonia fulfills a prophesy and launches two ordinary kids into an extraordinary adventure of epic proportions. Their simple life changes completely, and the fate of an entire empire falls into their hands.

Maradonia is a Technicolor, vibrant land filled with danger and surprises around every corner.
Readers can journey with Maya and Joey as they encounter strange new creatures that help them try to conquer the Seven Bridges of tests and temptations, all of which are necessary if they are to defeat King Apollyon and 2the Empire of Evil. Can Maya and Joey take up the mantle of prophecy and is the Escape from the Underworld possible?

Along the way, mystery, murder, deceit, revenge, crime and conspiracy battle with the power of faith, knowledge and wisdom to keep the reader on the edge of their seat. The Maradonia Saga is a classic tale of good versus evil with a contemporary twist and will thrill readers of all ages.

Gloria Tesch

The Maradonia Saga with “Maradonia and the Seven Bridges” (Book 1) and “Maradonia – the Escape from the Underworld” (Book 2) continues with “Maradonia – the Gold of Ophir” (Book 3) and “Maradonia and the Dragon Riders.” (Book 4)

Maya and Joey had seized the most precious article of the Empire of Evil: The Key to the Underworld and now they are hunted by the powers of darkness. The siblings realized that they are not safe in their old world after they had watched the arrival of Empire -Airships on the skyline of Oceanside.

A messenger from the Land of Maradonia delivers an urgent message and Maya and Joey knew…they must return.


On their first journey through the Land of Maradonia they had discovered a conspiracy against the new King of Maradonia and they were informed that several shiploads with the Gold of Ophir had disappeared without any trace.
But little did they know about the numerous complications, the horrifying dangers and attacks of King Apollyon and the life-threatening Cataract of Evil that was waiting for them.

The Maradonia Saga continues with the novel, “Maradonia and the Law of Blood” (Book 5) and “Maradonia and the Battle for the Key” (Book 6)

Shadows of war had touched the seven sovereign kingdoms of the World between the Worlds. Apollyon, king over the Evil Empire and ruler of the Underworld, in towering rage of fury and agonizing pain over the sudden disappearance of his son Abbadon, the Crown Prince of the Empire, introduces his new weapon, the Rawken army, to attack the kingdom of Tyronia because Plouton, his younger son, showed him evidence that King Joey of Tyronia had killed Abbadon with the supernatural weapon, Defender, the Key to the Underworld.

The warrior queen Maya rules the Land of Maradonia with an iron fist and tries to unite the seven free kingdoms with the help of her brother King Joey. Both of them know that unity is the only opportunity to win the War of the Worlds against the Evil Empire.


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