Maradonia and the Law of Blood

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Sorry for the quality. I wish I could use one of the producer’s cameras. 😉 Enjoy! Gloria ♥

Apollyon, king of the Evil Empire, in towering rage of fury and agonizing pain over the disappearance of his beloved son Prince Abbadon, commanded his new Rawken Army to attack the kingdom of Tyronia. His younger son, Plouton, convinced Apollyon that King Joey of Tyronia had killed Abbadon, the crown prince of the Evil Empire with Defender, a supernatural weapon, known as the Key to the Underworld.
The shadows of war had touched the seven sovereign kingdoms of the legendary world. The Warrior Queen of Selinka, Queen Maya, tried to unite the kingdoms with the help of her brother Joey. Both of them knew that the only way to win the war against the Evil Empire was Unity, but then…
Just after the siblings had killed the savage humanoids, the Orcs, Graul and Brutus, sudden disaster… strikes!
The city officials of Magadan presented Maya and Joey the Drink of Victory…
….But the chalices were filled with deadly poison…


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