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Audio Book (1) of the Maradonia Saga,  Maradonia and the Seven Bridges,  is soon ready for release!

Several of my books are published and I am thankful that I am able to present to you my First Audio Book from the first six-pack book series of the Maradonia Saga  with the Title: Maradonia and the Seven Bridges. I began writing at the age of ten years and it took me three years to finish this novel. The Maradonia Sage starts basically as an everyday story. A girl called Maya and a boy called Joey found a mysterious place in a forbidden area which opened the way to a World between the Worlds.  TheLand ofMaradonia!

With their arrival in Maradonia a prophecy is fulfilled and overnight their simple life in the small city of Oceanside has changed completely because they are thrust into a strange and perilous world. A world filled with magic and power. Mystery, murder, deceit, revenge, conspiracy, theft, but also faith, knowledge, wisdom and passion percolate in this thriller…and keeps the reader as well as the listener on the edge of their seat. The questions remain: Can Maya and Joey take up the mantle of the prophecy of the kingdom of Light? Can they conquer the Seven Bridges of Test and Temptations? Can they change the fate of Maradonia? The future of the legendary kingdom of Maradonia rest in their hands… and one more question! Is the final Battle between the armies of Light and Darkness unavoidable when the teenagers secure the powerful Key to the Underworld and Apollyon, the king of the Evil Empire as well as his two sons Abbadon and Plouton are unable to enter their own kingdom?  This is Maradonia Dynamite! I believe, we have an absolutely exciting Audio–Version of Book One in our hands and I hope you will enjoy listening to the Original Maradonia Music Soundtrack as well as to the interesting narrator’s voice who will tell you all about the sweeping epic journey of Maya and Joey through a fantastical world of magic and strange powers.

Total playing time: approximately 11 ½ hours.      Copyright  (c)  2007 by Marion Del Ortega Trust

The name Maradonia, the art and all Logos are international registered trademarks owned by Marion Del Ortega Trust. All Rights reserved under international and Pan American Copyright Conventions. Liberty’s Books on Tape are manufactured in the U.S.A


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