East Lake Showcase

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Hey guys! The other day- me, along with several other young authors, were at a showcase in East Lake Library!

I had the opportunity to speak to several people, along with the Mayor of Tampa Bay- Pam Iorio.

I had fun. Here are a few pics from the event!

Enjoy! ♥ Love, Gloria

Gloria displays her latest

Gloria Tesch signing "Maradonia and the Law of Blood"

Gloria Tesch with Mayor, Pam Iorio


Teen Authors- (left to right) Gloria Tesch, Lexi Bassford, Libby Svenson


2 thoughts on “East Lake Showcase

  1. That proves the ‘Popularity of Gloria Tesch’. The World’s Youngest Novelist is respected and admired by Mayors, Governors, Presidents and Kings all over the world. Ever

  2. Wow, this is kind of an old post, but I seriously can’t find a way to contact you otherwise. Ms. Tesch, I’m an aspiring writer, and I’d love to ask you a few questions if you’ve got the time.

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