Mediocre and Corrupt Generation

So giving the fact that at several of my book signings, I’ve seen this plenty of times… our generation has been going down-slope!

You might not see it now, but TV will play a role if there is a downfall of the USA. The fact remains there will always be four groups of people in this world. In ancient times, the Greeks and Romans measured their country by a person’s level of understanding (or mental capacity) in the following groups: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta!

Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta

  1. The Alpha is the first. They are the leaders running the country, usually the doctors, scientists, political leaders, attorneys, etc.
  2. The next group of people is the Beta. They are second in the group and have some knowledge in different fields. They usually work for the Alpha ( like clerks, messengers, secretaries, teachers, etc.)
  3. The third group is the majority, the Gamma. This large group of people is a group of consumers (usually materialistic) mostly with a shallow living!
  4. Finally, a downgrade from the Gamma are the Deltas. These are the people who don’t care about their lives or the lives of others (mostly criminals and drug consumers)

I could say a few more words about these  four groups, but I am concentrating now on the majority group of Gamma people. The group you fall into begins early, just as most teenagers are consumed into a corrupt generation. One of the many reasons the expansion of the mind is stopped abruptly is no further than your living room television! Just by switching on the TV, millions of teenagers have the opportunity to access television shows such as “Jersey Shore”, “True Life”, “16 and Pregnant” , “My Super Sweet 16” etc. Teenagers even as young as the age of 10 have become intoxicated by the dirt of several of these reality shows! As a society we are to blame. The VH1 and MTV are networks that promote these shallow television shows and then cater to a generation that has become unmotivated and too lazy to think! The original idea of MTV was to promote music videos to the public; now it has moved onto a foundation of sick reality shows and is viewed by children! Reality shows such as “Jersey Shore” portray continuous partying, drinking, and promiscuity as the only way to have fun.

As young teenagers see this, they begin to make the wrong decisions and revolve their lives around idols of luxury. Our young generation, raised on reality garbage, now believes that they are ‘adults’ having teen sex, drinking, consuming drugs, etc.

Additionally, another reality show, “My Super Sweet 16,” emphasizes materialism! The series consists of rich girls having several thousand dollars invested into their sixteenth birthday party, traditionally called “sweet 16”. Parents become frustrated, as their own daughter wants the exact party, but cannot receive it. And the ones making money off these shows are the brainless networks promoting them. 

MTV operates by enforcing the shallow lifestyle of materialism, immaturity, and judgmental material. People are pulled away from what really matters and become consumers with the slogan, “I want it all and I want it now!”

The economy could collapse, because young people now think they can party their lives away and not work or receive an education. Later in life they will realize that this is not the case…

In my view, the problem (which not many people realize at this time) runs deeper then it really seems!  These shows are not merely reality TV. These shows have an impact on who will run our country in the years to come! As this generation grows older and live their lives as full adult lifestyle, the reality shows they have always seen push them into a lower lifestyle. If these shows grow worse and worse each year, to keep the people entertained, the generations to come could be a downfall for the entire country.

I believe that as this domino effect continues to take place, people of this country would not have the patience to work anymore. Americans want fewer hours and higher pay. This would mean that foreigners have an opportunity that they would not let pass. The truth is American people buy brains! Foreigners from other countries are offered money to live in the US to build up the country. Several take the work force, stabilizing the country on the costs of the Gamma people! This is extremely possible as many foreigners offer more work and less pay, concluding to a second Great Depression- where many American people could land on the streets! 

Sure there are ways to stop this from happening for example: parental control of the television. But can parents really take the time and sit there, making sure their teenager will not watch anything? No. I believe the government should interfere. But, anything that involves the government will take a while to get into full swing. Problems would also appear. Americans people would fight for their television freedom. So… let them.

In conclusion, if the Alpha and Beta (higher educated people) are not fully interfering by forcing changes towards the laws and restrictions, then this scenario could possibly come to life! These television networks that play a small role in the economy might be a result in our entire country running into an open knife!

This is something for you to think about, and I hope you all might put this to your consideration.




  1. gee · January 27, 2012

    With computers we have the opportunity to access everything.

  2. William Hutchings · January 27, 2012

    Cant wait for the Maradonia film

  3. William Hutchings · January 28, 2012


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