What is the Maradonia Saga about?


The Maradonia Saga is story telling at its best.

It is a series of six books! 
1.) Maradonia and the Seven Bridges
2.) Maradonia and the Escape from the Underworld
3.) Maradonia and the Gold of Ophir
4.) Maradonia and the Dragon Riders
5.) Maradonia and the Law of Blood
6.) Maradonia and the Battle for the Key

The Saga is a stunning tour de force with a full compliment of fast acting, gritty realism, powerful characters, brimming treachery, bravery, faith, knowledge, mystery and magic.
The Maradonia Saga is a classic, but contemporary story. When Maya (16) and her brother Joey (15) stumble upon a secret portal, they are transported to a mysterious place called – The Land of Maradonia. 
Their appearance in Maradonia, which is a World between the Worlds, fulfills an old prophecy, foretold by the Light King, and propels Maya and Joey into a strange and very dangerous world of dark powers and magic. Here, in the Land of Maradonia, they try to overcome Seven Bridges of tests and temptations and receive supernatural gifts. Little did they know that the real fight for their life had just begun, but can they escape from the cruel hand of Evil? 
The dark King Apollyon, once the most intelligent and beautiful Light Carrier in the Universe, was terrified by the prophecy of the Light King: “When the Two Silver Birds attack the Twin Brothers, I will send Two Children to show you your limitations!”
Apollyon, the fallen Light Carrier, now the Ruler of the Underworld, commanded his two evil sons, Prince Abbadon and Plouton as well as the gruesome Fairies and the slick Hoodmen, the hunters of the Empire, to chase Maya and Joey and to kill them. 
The teenagers don’t lose heart, fight back and secure Defender, the Key to the Underworld and the final battle between the armies of Light and Darkness in the Valley of Harmon Gorgonia is inevitable.
The timeless theme of the Maradonia Saga and the battle between Good versus Evil will appeal to any age group and through this, the lesson: Ordinary people can do the extraordinary! 
The two protagonists discover through their struggles the difference between Sight and Vision and that people without a vision might perish. Under the tremendous pressure of painful tests and temptations they also learn: ‘What is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal’. 

What makes the Saga really interesting is that Maya and Joey are siblings. Their natural rivalry and animosity as brother and sister creates a perfect foundation for the dramatic tension of the story when they realize: ‘They can only win this battle by conquering themselves, not others!’
What ensues is a brilliantly told fable full of well crafted characters and jaw dropping twists and turns. Maradonia itself is definitely a new world, painted with magnificent detail and color. 

The first four books of the Saga, Maradonia and the Seven Bridges (1)
Maradonia and the Escape from the Underworld (2) 
as well as Maradonia and the Gold of Ophir (3) 
Maradonia and the Dragon Riders (4) 
will completely transport the reader to an Other Worldly Experience.

Mystery, murder, deceit, revenge, intrigue and conspiracy…all these little nuggets that take a story from being just a mere story to becoming an epic journey are packed in the Maradonia Saga which keeps the readers on the edge of their seats and will certainly glue legions of future viewers to the screens, captivated by the mysterious adventure story of Maya and Joey’s journey through the Land of Maradonia. 
Another element that makes the Maradonia Saga so enthralling is the portrayal of the teenagers. In their own world they content with all the high school and adolescent pressures that shape and scar them emotionally and socially. But with no warning and little life experience, they are placed in very perilous positions where their confidence in one another and their perceptions of themselves are tested.

‘Maradonia and the Seven Bridges’ (Book 1)
&‘Maradonia the Escape from the Underworld’ (Book 2) as well as ‘Maradonia and the Gold of Ophir’ (Book 3) continue with Gloria’s fourth Maradonia E-Book Treasure…
‘Maradonia and the Dragon Riders’ (Book4):

‘Maya and Joey, hunted by the demonic powers of darkness, realize under tremendous pressure that their lives can never be the same again. Constantly on the run since they had seized the most precious article of the Empire – The Key to the Underworld –they learned through more painful experiences that with great power comes great responsibility! 
But…when three gigantic Dragons landed at the entrance of Villa Consalsa in Arkadia the direction of their journey changed dramatically. 
Maya shook her head in disbelief, “I thought that the Dragons were extinct… thousands of years ago and now they are just in front of us.”
“Yes, we are in the service of our mighty King Pergamon, ruler over the land and the islands of Tyronia. My name is Tarakann. The Dragon on my left side is Dasha and the White Dragon on my right side is Emoogie, the High Priest of the Dragon Temple with the Four Sacred Diamond Crystals. Our King Pergamon is old. He has no successor and we are ordered to bring Prince Joey and his sister, Princess Maya to the golden palace in Abilantis in the high mountains of Tyronia.”

Will Maya and Joey be able to discover the center of the rebellion in Maradonia with the help of the Dragon Community? Can Maya overtake and redeem the twelve Hovering Spirits on her own?
The siblings must stay strong during their time of separation, especially Joey, when he is captured by Morgana, a jealous and dangerous Mermaid, sitting on the gold treasure of Ophir. Little did Maya and Joey know about the numerous complications, the horrifying danger of King Apollyon’s deadly attacks and his life threatening Cataract of Evil?

What these first four books of the Maradonia Saga do very well is to illustrate how the characters contend with the challenge of dealing with situations that are so much larger than any troubles they ever had in school. The characters are fresh and genuine and are not born heroes and these extraordinary narratives are not just books for younger readers. It divulges many different levels of insight and can be appreciated by anyone for its spectacle and its entertainment value.
Teenager author Gloria Tesch earned the distinction of being one of the World’s Youngest Published Novelist with her novel, Maradonia and the Seven Bridges (Book 1). Gloria Tesch started writing with ten years and with fifteen years she had published six novels with Liberty’s Book Press as well as two Movie Screen Plays and now she makes her mark again with her fourth Maradonia E-Book Treasure, ‘Maradonia and the Dragon Riders’ (4). 
Gloria Tesch is a growing voice in high fantasy literature. With six published 400 page novels to her credit and several more Maradonia Novels are to come… this master story teller has the brightness of vision, necessary to create sweeping epics and the storyteller’s gift that makes the readers to love her.
No doubt, more fantastic tales are to come from this untapped talent, Gloria Tesch!
The fans of Stephen King, Anne Rice, Stephanie Meyer and J.K. Rowling will have to prepare another shelf to collect the treasured works of this outstanding teenager author because the Maradonia Saga is already mapped out for several more unbelievable thrill rides in sweeping epic style.

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